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How to insert a hosted image into a forum post

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How to insert a hosted image into a forum post

Post by Ann-Marie Metcalfe on Sun Nov 07, 2010 1:14 am

A hosted image is a photograph that is stored on the internet somewhere else, eg, flickr or your personal website. You can post an image onto the forum by using the link or url for the image. Here's how:

Start your new post as normal. In a new tab or new window go to the website where your photograph is hosted (in this case I used flickr) and go to the relevant photograph that you want to post. Right click the image and copy the image location (url)

NB: I use firefox so if you are using a different browser eg Internet Explorer or Safari, the text you see when you right click your image may be different. You are basically looking for the image url/address/location

Come back to your new post on the forum and click the small picture icon as shown below.

You will see a drop down box. Paste the copied url you took from your hosted photograph into the drop down box and click ok.

You will see a string of code appear in the text area of your new post.

You can now type any text relevant to the photograph either at the bottom underneath the photograph or you can click right before the string of code and type there, making sure you press enter twice after your text so that the photograph appears underneath the text.

You can then either click 'preview' to see what your post looks like and then click send to post it to the forum, or you can just click send if you're comfortable that your post will be ok without checking first. If you do preview your post don't forget to click 'send' after you have previewed it or it won't be posted.

Your final result should look something like this:

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